Monday, July 25, 2011


Saturday night as I was going to bed, I felt a blog post building but it was bed time. So I just jotted down the topic and went to sleep. (You can read it here.)

Sunday morning in the middle of worship, I jotted down another topic that was burning in me.  (Read it here.)

As we were fixing lunch, I felt another post tugging at me!  Wow!!  I never have them come at me like that but I'm glad they did.  (This one is here.)

I sat down after lunch and wrote each one of them.  The words just flowed from my fingers.  I posted one at a time saving them as drafts until I felt it was time.

I really enjoy writing when I have something to say.  I hope more posts come to me fast and furious again.  I'm on the look out for more inspiration!  

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