Friday, November 18, 2011


Can you believe that Thanksgiving is less than a week away?  I'm really excited.  I love all the cooking, the turkey, the dressing, the homemade noodles, the mashed potatoes, creamed corn, green beans, cranberry sauce (for DH), the pies, such.  I love the season of Thanksgiving!  I love family time and puzzles.  I LOVE the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

As I'm sitting here making my shopping list for that very special day, I'm thinking of all that I'm Thankful for this year.

1.  I'm thankful for family
2.  I'm thankful that my daddy is still with us and doing really well!
3.  I'm thankful for each and every family member, DH, DS, DD, my parents, my siblings and their children,  DH's family, and all our family out there!
4.  I'm thankful for friends, and I have some wonderful friends!
5.  I'm thankful for our lovely home
6.  I'm thankful that DH is retiring from the army, it's time.
7.  I'm thankful for pets, I just love my little Chief.
8.  I'm thankful ...

I'm just very thankful.  I can't possibly list it all here.  There is just so much to be thankful for and what a blessing that is to me!

I love planning our holiday celebration.  Planning the meal and activities.

Can you believe Christmas is right around the corner?  This year has gone by very fast for me.  I still have much to do before it gets here but I LOVE it!  This is definitely my favorite time of the year.


  1. I am thankful for you! This is Joni...Just can't figure out how to post other than as anonymous : )

  2. Thank you Joni! I'm thankful for you too! You are a very special friends.