Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Daily Boost

First you need to know that I don't like smoothies.  I don't like fruit and I don't like yogurt so... I don't like smoothies... BUT I had been reading about this herbal mix you put in your smoothies that is really good for you.  It has brain food, energy booster, stress reliever, anti aging, eye, vein, and heart strengthener, blood purifier and more.  So, I thought I needed to give this a try.  I need to learn to like smoothies.

Well, I have to tell you still don't really care of smoothies but they are ok and the best part is they work!  I had the smoothies 3 days in a row and felt pretty good.  Then yesterday I was unable to make one because I was out of juice.  By 2 or 3 in the afternoon I had the yawns.  I just couldn't stop and all I wanted to do was sleep!  Now this WAS the usual but the days I had the smoothies, this didn't happen!  So, I'm sold on the smoothies for now and the herbs that go in them.  They really do give me energy and I feel more alert too.

If you'd like to try out the herbs you can find them here.  I'm using the Daily Boost Smoothie Mix but there are others too.  You can find the in the mixes section.

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