Friday, December 30, 2011

Needing those rose colored glasses...

So I had a little conversation with myself this morning... do you ever do that?  Anyway, it went kind of like this...

Self, you choose what bugs you, you choose how you feel about something someone says, you choose whether or not to get irritated or sad or hurt so....  Make better choices!!  Choose to let stuff go, choose to laugh off things that bug or irritate me.  Choose to be happy, choose to wear the rose colored glasses!  Choose to see the light in all things.  Choose...

Choices.   That's what it's all about and I can choose more things than I think I can.  I'm ready to choose change in me, change for my life.  I've already started and it's going quite well!  Yea for change!!  Who would have ever thought I would ever say such a thing.  lol  I hate change but I think this kind of change is good.  Yep, Yea for change!


  1. Love this Sherri. I am going through a lot of changes myself. Hope you enjoy all of your changes. :)

  2. Actually, I am loving this "I choose" thing. It's awesome!! I feel ... a little more in control of my feelings. As I feel something irritating me this morning, I just "I choose, I choose" and then I kind of chuckle. It's great!

    I'm really working on being sure my changes are positive and uplifting! I hope your changes are enjoyable as well Tessa. We should keep up with each others progress with change and encourage one another. :o) Have a beautiful day!