Thursday, August 15, 2013


This morning, I am sitting out my patio enjoying the cooler weather.  It's cloudy
and making me sleepy but I'm loving the early feel of autumn.  DD and I ate breakfast out here and I think it just made it taste better!

Today, I'm thinking of change.  A change in routine, a change in scenery, a change in attitude, a change in diet, a change.  DD talked of it needing a change on our long drive over the weekend and DH talks of it often too so, I'm going to work on giving it to them.  We're going to cook more at home.  Work on cleaning up the house and beautifying it some more.  Prepare for fall.

School will be starting next week for us and it will be nice to start afresh with a tidy home and yummy home cooked meals planned.  DS will be heading back to college soon and DH's travels are beginning as well. I'm thinking this be a great time for home economics for DD and for me too.

It's time to reassess my life and prioritize.  Make schedules and get organized.  I've got this. 

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